Who Uses Our Products
  • All Purpose Prepaint Degreaser is used for prepaint cleaning of decking and bar joints in a National Airline Maintenance Hangar to remove exhaust residue, dust, dirt and oil. A 10:1 All Purpose Prepaint Degreaser solution was applied using a pressure washer detergent injector; after 10 minutes contact time the surface was rinsed using a hot water pressure washer.

    All Purpose Prepaint Degreaser Used for prepaint cleaning of decking and bar joists of airline maintenance hangar.

  • Clean ‘n Etch was used to clean and etch the concrete floor of a residential basement before applying a coating.
    A 3 parts water : 1 part Clean ‘n Etch solution was applied using an acid-resistant, tank-type garden sprayer.
    After 5 – 7 minutes contact time, the solution was scrubbed into the surface using a push broom; after an additional 5 minutes contact time, the surface was rinsed thoroughly with water and allowed to dry.

    Clean ‘n Etch Used to clean concrete floor of residential basement before painting.

  • Extra Muscle Prepaint Cleaner was used for prepaint cleaning of painted block walls and decking in a diesel truck garage.
    Diesel exhaust residue coated the decking and walls. A solution of 5 oz. of Extra Muscle Prepaint Cleaner per gallon of water was applied using a hand-pump, tank-type garden sprayer and rinsed using a pressure washer after 5 minutes.

    Extra Muscle Prepaint Cleaner
    Used for prepaint cleaning of walls and decking in a truck garage.

  • Extra Muscle Prepaint Cleaner used successfully for removal of solid, latex stain and ground-in dirt from a wood deck. Work was conducted at 80°F with the deck in direct sunlight. Undiluted solution was applied over the entire deck surface insuring thorough wetting. After 20 minutes contact time, the surface was scrubbed using a stiff-bristled push broom then rinsed with a pressure washer using a 25° wand tip. The elevated temperature of the deck surface accelerated penetration of the Extra Muscle Prepaint Cleaner through the stain. Extra Muscle Prepaint Cleaner is safe for use around vegetation.

    Extra Muscle Prepaint Cleaner  Used for pre-paint wood deck cleaning.

  • School bus manufacturer used All Purpose Prepaint Degreaser to clean oil-stained roof decking in their production facility before painting. They applied 5 oz. of All Purpose Prepaint Degreaser per gallon of water using an airless sprayer. After 5 minutes contact time, rinsed with a pressure washer.

    All Purpose Prepaint Degreaser
    Used for pre-paint cleaning of oil stained factory roof decking.

  • No Rinse Prepaint Cleaner is used successfully by a machine tool manufacturer to clean oils, lubricants and coolants used in fabrication, thus eliminating the use of flammable solvents in the hand cleaning operation. Areas to be cleaned were sprayed with a mixture of 5 oz. of No Rinse Prepaint Cleaner per gallon of water and wiped clean using shop cloths. Recessed areas and blind holes were blown dry with oil-free shop air before applying the coating.

    No Rinse Prepaint Cleaner Used for prepaint cleaning of new machinery.

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